Emergency Lighting at Home

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Can you install emergency lighting at home?

The simple answer is yes.

But should you?

With potential power cuts through energy restrictions this winter, you may be considering your lighting needs. You may also be thinking about an older relative, left in the dark. Whatever the reason emergency lighting at home seams a sensible idea. Automatic light as soon as the power goes out.

We can provide fittings that act as the normal room light and flick to emergency as soon as the power is cut.

We can provide very small light packs that fit flush with the ceiling and you would hardly notice them there.

These can be installed relatively easily by a qualified electrician (as long as there is a permanent live to the ceiling, not the switch). They will work and give you a minimum of 3 hours of light during a power cut. The light out will be a little less than normal, but you and your family will have that comforting light and be safer.

Emergency Lighting is designed for commercial buildings.

However, all emergency lights are designed for commercial applications and as such there may be some aspects that you would not want in your house.

A green glowing light

Zero IP rating

All emergency lighting has a green LED indicator that is permanently lit. This is to indicate that the batteries are connected and charging. It is surprisingly bright so you would probably not want this in your home. Trying to watch your favourite movie on a Saturday night with a green glow coming from the ceiling will be distracting. Yes on some lights you can mask this light, but then you won’t know if your emergency light is working or not.

Battery health

Replacement battery for X-CSE3M

The batteries in emergency lights are meant to be used. Every month you should perform a quick test. This would involve cutting the power to the room for a few minutes to make sure it works. At least once a year you would need to do a full duration test for over 3 hours to drain the batteries. With the best will in the world, doing this on a regular basis would be forgotten about, especially over summer. If the batteries do not get used then they would not work as well in giving you 3 hours of emergency light. You would have to replace them more often.

How should I prepare?

Personally, I am going to get some torches and a rechargeable lantern. Make sure everyone in the house knows where they are and they have their batteries charged. This way during any power cut I will still have some light to see by. Also during the summer when it probably wont be a problem I can put them away.


Yes you can install emergency lighting at home for a permanent solution to light in power cuts. But it’s probably not worth the additional cost and maintenance. If you want to know more about emergency lighting read our other articles.

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