Have Questions About Emergency Lighting? We’ve Got Answers!

Whether you’re unsure about regulations, need help choosing the right products, or have questions about installation, our FAQ page is here to guide you. Browse through our frequently asked questions to find clear and concise answers to your emergency lighting concerns.

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Should the arrow point up or down on the exit signs?

Current standards (April 2024) suggest that the arrow should point up, to indicate through and out. However this should be used with caution especially where stairs are involved. You should also follow any existing scheme and copy that to avoid confusion.

Do these slave bulkheads have batteries in them?

No a slave emergency light does not have batteries in them. They get their power for a central battery somewhere in the building.

Does the 110V slave bulkhead work in DC?

Yes all our central battery slave emergency lights work in AC/DC mode.
Read more on central battery systems here.

Can you please provide an option for a remote emergency battery pack. The fittings we have are 24w LED.

Possibly, Unfortunately it’s not a simple case of adding a battery pack onto an existing light. We would need to know more info about the light, such as is it constant voltage or constant current? is there space inside the fitting to add the extra gear? or is it to be external? Sometimes pictures of the fitting can tell us what we need to know. Please send more info.

Can the floodlight be used on a switch?

Yes. Our floodlights can be used on light switches, PIR’s, microwave sensors, just like any other light. All that they require is a permanent live, neutral, earth and switch live supply.

If I add double the batteries will it last 6 hours in emergency?

No. The control gear will adapt to the amount of current coming through it. Adding more batteries will only make the emergency output brighter. Also the control gear is designed to charge at a specific rate. It may not actually charge the batteries to their full capacity. If you want a 6 hour emergency fitting, it will have to be specially made.

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