3 Year Warranty

SafetyLED.online provides a free 3 year warranty on all mains and emergency luminaires purchased through our online store.

Our warranty does not restrict your UK statutory rights in any way.

This SafetyLED.online warranty covers manufacturing defects and product defects resulting from the manufacturer s design errors.


3 Year Warranty

Damage resulting from incorrect handling of a product.
Defects due to a lack of maintenance and testing.
Repairs or modifications carried out by the customer or a third party.
Defects caused by fire or smoke.
Installation in an unsuitable location or incorrect installation.
Batteries and lamps.
Any consequential damage caused by the products or their malfunction.
We do not cover the cost of installation of replacement components supplied as replacements under this warranty.

The 3 year warranty applies only if the emergency lighting is tested by the user on a regular basis in accordance with the relevant BS5266 standards. This includes the annual 3 hour duration test.

What happens if you discover a product fault?

Please contact SafetyLED.online with your original invoice/order number and inform us about the problem. We will discuss the case with you, consult with our technical experts and agree on a solution. Photo’s of the problem would be great. We will either arrange for a free repair/replacement or request the return of the product for further investigation, this will be at our discretion.
If a product is returned to us and no fault is found, we will return the unit to you at your cost.

The lights covered by the 3 year warranty are:
Emergency LED bulkheads
Emergency LED Exit signs
Mains and emergency amenity LED lighting
Emergency LED Twinspots
LED emergency downlights
LED central battery luminaires
The 3 year warranties are underwritten by Housesafe Ltd and subject to our terms and conditions of sale.
Claims against the warranties need to be made through www.emergency.lighting with proof of purchase.

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