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7 Steps to Selecting the right emergency lighting system

Selecting the appropriate emergency lighting system is crucial to ensure the safety and compliance of your building. This article aims to guide building managers and owners in making informed decisions when choosing an emergency lighting system tailored to their specific needs.

Emergency Exit Sign with Multiple Fixing Positions

Emergency exit signs are an important safety feature in any building. They provide illumination in the event of a power failure, allowing people to safely evacuate the building. The emergency exit sign with multiple fixing positions is a versatile and convenient option for businesses and other organizations that need to comply with fire safety regulations.

Can you replace batteries in emergency lights?

Yes. Almost all self contained emergency lights have a battery that are designed to be replaced. They are designed to last about 4 years, with regular testing which actually does the battery some good. There are many factors that affect the life of a battery, that is why regular testing is a must.

DPD delivery delays

We have just been made aware that because of the Royal Mail strikes, DPD is inundated with additional parcels. We have used DPD next day service for many years and generally it is a good service. However because of the Royal Mail strikes, DPD have removed many postcodes from their service. This is because of …

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Emergency Lighting at Home

Can you install emergency lighting at home? The simple answer is yes. But should you? With potential power cuts through energy restrictions this winter, you may be considering your lighting needs. You may also be thinking about an older relative, left in the dark. Whatever the reason emergency lighting at home seams a sensible idea. …

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IP Rating Explained

The IP rating or ingress protection code is defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). It classifies and provides a guideline to the degree of protection provided by casings and enclosures against intrusion of dust and contact with liquids.

Closed to make our respects

I am sure that you will understand that we will be closed on Monday 19th September so that we can remember and pay our respects to a great envoy to humanity, leader and mother our Queen Elizabeth II. Although we will not be there in person we will be able to watch and celebrate her …

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Two New to Us

Two great new products have come to us and we are excited to let you know about these exit signs. Designed for special areas that need that extra attention and also for low ceilings. If you have a low ceiling and need to put an exit sign above a door then this is another great …

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