Wireless Emergency Lighting control diagram

Wireless Emergency Lighting

On large, modern lighting installations the new way of communicating is using wireless emergency lighting. Traditionally the way to communicate with your emergency lights was to use a DALI control panel that is wired to each individual light. This was so that you can run testing schedules and know exactly the state of every emergency light. However, there is a new way of connecting your lights to a control system. Using wireless emergency lights the control and communication part is done through a Radio Frequency band network.

Reduce Installation

Even though each light has to be connected with a live, earth and neutral, there is no need to install additional cabling to support the networked communication. This saves a lot of time and resources in the installation of these wireless emergency lights. It also means that there is NO one central hub that controls everything. There is no need for a dedicated controller or PC as all the wireless luminaires can work independently of each other. So if one was to fail the whole network would not be effected.

Wireless Emergency Lighting Connection Diagram

Remote Reports

Another benefit of using a wireless system is that the status of the lights can be viewed at any time from anywhere. Using an a cloud based system and an access point, reports can be generated and emailed to the responsible person. You would be able to direct any maintenance crew to the exact location using site maps.

These wireless emergency lights can be connected to different controllers such as PIR’s or daylight sensors, this increases the flexibility of creating a truly unique bespoke system. Grouping, scheduling and sensing are all a part of this new communication method.

If you are designing a large emergency lighting installation consider using wireless technology to reduce resources and increase efficiency.

We are please to be able to introduce this innovative wireless communication into our emergency light range. As it is a specialised product we will not have them for direct sale on our website. Please call us to discuss your requirements. CLICK HERE FOR CONTACT INFO

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