slim & thin exit sign

Two New to Us

Two great new products have come to us and we are excited to let you know about these exit signs. Designed for special areas that need that extra attention and also for low ceilings. If you have a low ceiling and need to put an exit sign above a door then this is another great option for you. Even when you have no restrictions. This is a ideal exit sign that looks that little different with it’s thin and slim design.

These alternative low ceiling exit signs offers a full 30 metre viewing distance. We like the fact that such a small housing makes these emergency exit signs look sleek and stylish in any setting. Painted white as standard this exit sign can be painted into any RAL colour. You can now ensure that you achieve consistency in the look and feel of your install.

As to be expected they can be installed in either maintained or non-maintained mode. With 3 hour emergency backup from the supplied batteries.

As these signs are double sided they can also be installed in corridor walk ways. To indicate a change in direction at cross corridors, left / right legends can be selected.

We believe that you will like these slim and thin exit signs. They offer an attractive alternative and provide a solution to ever decreasing ceiling heights.

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