Get more light in your room

How can you get more light into your room without adding more lights?

A few simple but overlooked solutions are.

Clean the windows and open the curtains

Natural light is the best light, the more the better. More light from daylight not only means you can turn the room lights off, but also brings health benefits. See this article from It seams so simple but if you make sure that your curtains or blinds are as fully open as possible it will ensure that as much natural light can get into your room.

Window shutters closed
Window shutters closed
Window shutters open
Window shutters open

Clean the Diffusers

The light source is the LED lamp not the cover that surrounds it. If the diffuser has built up a layer of grime and bugs, get it cleaned. You would be surprised at how much more light you will get from clean diffusers. If you have broken diffusers then please contact us and we will help you find replacements.

Replace broken lamps

If a light fitting has two lamps inside but one has failed then simply replace the broken one. If possible replace both at the same time with LED lamps so that you get a match with the colour from the lamp

Broken light bulb

Add room sensors

Modern room sensors can ensure that you have the optimum amount of light in a room at all times. When you combine them with intelligent lights, the sensors can adjust the amount of light from nothing to full brightness.

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