Twin Spot

LED Emergency Twinspots use directional beams to provide a cost effective solution to emergency lighting. Designed for use in areas with high ceilings and for lighting large areas such as supermarkets, sports halls, warehouse, racked areas and railway stations. 

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X-TSE3NM Emergency Twinspot

2 x 10 Watt Economy LED Emergency Twinspot 1093 Lumens

Price £39.99
LED Self contained Floodlight

External LED Emergency Floodlight optional 3 Hr Backup

Price £179.85
X-TSA Polycarb Twinspot

Polycarbonate LED Emergency Twinspot

Price £88.00
Curved LED Emergency Twinspot in White

Curved Front LED Twinspot

Price £159.30
X-TSWS Steel Weatherproof Twinspot

Robust Steel IP65 LED Emergency Twinspot

Price £220.00
X-TSW Weatherproof Twinspot

Weatherproof LED Emergency Twinspot

Price £186.00

High Output LED Twinspot

Price £136.59