These LED emergency bulkheads are the traditional way of providing emergency lighting only, ranging in size and style they provide 3 hours emergency duration (often in a weatherproof housing) for your working environment. These self-contained emergency bulkheads have a integral battery to provide full illumination for 3 hours, that will automatically switch on when there is a power cut.

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X-CSE3M with ULK

4 Watt LED Bulkhead with Adhesive Legend Combo Kit

Price £15.50
  • Pack

4W Economy LED 3Hr Emergency Bulkhead

Price £14.99
Slave Bulkhead

Central Battery Bulkhead (24 / 50 / 110 / 230 Volt AC/DC)

Price £41.66

Fully Recessed LED 3HR Bulkhead

Price £46.04
X-FM White

Fully Recessed LED Slave (24 / 50 / 110 / 230 Volt AC/DC)

Price £53.91

Self Test IP65 LED Bulkhead

Price £68.77